Best Apps for Anxious Flyers

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These are the best apps for nervous flyers in 2022 and they will help you cut down on the anxiety you might feel before you head to the airport, while you’re waiting for your flight, and/or while you’re in the air.

I used to get extremely anxious before traveling to the airport. Even if I was heading somewhere fun on vacation I wouldn’t be able to relax until I got to the destination and unpacked my bags.

I’d get nervous at the airport counting down the minutes until I’d have to board a big tube of metal and put my life into the hands of people I’d never met before.

And you better believe I’d start feeling the anxiety creep in once airborne. The slightest jolt of turbulence or an unfamiliar noise that didn’t sound quite right could have me feeling uptight for hours on end.

I still get anxious in these situations, but it’s not as frequent or as bad as it used to be. One way I accomplished this was by learning more about flight and airplanes themselves. This helped me get more comfortable with turbulence and the odd noises you often hear while in the air.

I’ve also helped cut down on nervous flying using technology. Your phone (or tablet) is a powerful tool and it could help you eliminate some of the stress you might feel before you head out on a business trip or a fun family vacation.

Cutting down the stress will help make travel more enjoyable not just for you, but the people you’re traveling with. No one wants to spend five plus hours in a plane with a ball of stress.

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If you own an iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone or tablet you’ve got access to a significant number of apps that could help ease your worries. Some of these apps are well-known, others I’ve discovered while trying to calm my nerves over the years.

Some of these apps will help you limit the amount of stress you might feel heading to the airport. Some will help you while you’re at the airport waiting for your boarding call. And some will help you while you soar through the air with friends, family, and strangers.

Most of these services are free and all of them are easy to use. Try them out and see if you can’t fit them into your next travel itinerary.

Turbulence Forecast

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Turbulence Forecast

One of my favorite apps/services to use before departing on my trip is Turbulence Forecast. I’ve been using the website for a long time now and the app’s finally caught up. 

Essentially, Turbulence Forecast shows you what the air is probably going to be like wherever your flight is headed.

It’ll show you the current turbulence levels, pilot reports on the route you’re taking, and it’ll show you what the turbulence what might look like in the future so you can mentally prepare for what’s ahead. 

You might not always get the news you want, but at least you’ll know what you might be getting into before you hop on the plane. 

Fear of the unknown drives a lot of flyers anxiety and Turbulence Forecast is a great way to keep that under control before you takeoff. 

Turbulence Forecast discontinued its Android app to focus on iOS, but MyFlight Forecast for Android is a decent alternative. 

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